: 1990 Brougham - Intermittent Wipers

12-23-08, 01:38 PM
I have a '90 Brougham with (I am 99% sure) the Multiplex Pulse Wiper System. Twice in the past week, I have turned on the wipers, but they don't move at all. Does not matter which speed, low, medium or high. Then later (after the car has been shut off) they magically work again.

Any ideas on this one?

12-23-08, 01:54 PM
Sounds like the wiper motor might be going bad. Did you check the contacts?

12-24-08, 05:17 PM
Remove the 2 wire harness plugs at the wiper motor, then squeeze and remove the plastic cover from the motor. Now reinstall the harnesses' to the wiper motor, turn the key on and wiper switch to hi speed. Wiggle the white plastic roller cam in the center of the motor and if the wipers turn on, spray that area with WD 40. Very common for that portion of the wiper motor to absorb gunk from under hood over the years jamming up the mechanical section of the wiper motor. Another reason, although rare, is the printed circuit board also in that same area can develop cracks in the solder joints and will work intermittantly. Wiggle that gently as well. You could buy that circuit board by itself years ago, maybe still can? The wipers are powered thru a circuit breaker in your fuse box, ck that for being corroded, loose. You should have 2 circuit breakers there, one for power seats and windows, another for wipers.

12-29-08, 10:49 PM
good luck fixing the problem. i know on my 91 i have the problem of if i turn my wipers on they work fine, BUT when i turn them off nomatter what i do the wipers dont go off. i somtimes have to shut the car off to make them stop. could it be the wiper motor going bad?

12-30-08, 12:43 PM
Did you read the thread regarding the circuit board possibly failing? above.

01-01-09, 02:58 AM
yes i did, but i was wondering if anybody else had any input. but i will start my trouble shooting there:yup: