: 02 Deville w/Bose + XM?

12-23-08, 12:28 PM
Looking and searching through the Forum has not turned up much besides "This is easy" for the question I have. I have an 02 Deville with a Bose Radio. When I hit the PTY button I am told there is no satellite radio installed, which to me implies that Satellite can be added. What do I need to add in order to get XM on this car? Something I can do myself, or do I need a dealership to complete? thanks in advance!

12-23-08, 12:35 PM
In some cases it needs to be set up in the Tech 2, but most often it just works out of the box.

12-23-08, 12:43 PM
But what do I need in order to make it work? Is there an add on product that I have to have?

12-24-08, 01:54 AM
You may just need to add the XM tuner and antenna. If you're lucky and your car has the wiring for it, it would be behind the carpeting in the trunk on the drivers side. The worst case would be to get something like a TERK XM Direct kit or the GM add-on kit. Both should perform identically.

12-26-08, 01:34 AM
its a sticky in the audio video forum....LOOK.