: Aftermarket radio in stock Cd-changer location?

12-22-08, 10:34 PM
Has anyone installed an aftermarket radio in the cd-changer location. I have an 02 Escalade which had the changer right above the ash-tray. I pulled it all apart this evening real quick and was able to pull the changer out. It looks the exact size of my Pioneer deck. I would love to keep the factory radio in it's stock location and install the Pioneer in the cd changer location to keep it looking somewhat stealth. My biggest concern is, will the harness reach down to that location? I have the harnesss to connect an aftermarket deck to the factory wiring, so the wires may reach. I just didn't have time to see if there were any obstructions between the radio and the changer location.


Lu Scola
12-23-08, 04:25 AM
Yes it will work. Click on my screen name then click on my pictures and check out my crazy mods in my EXT. I gutted all factory audio and then some.

12-23-08, 01:09 PM
It does work. I did it a couple years ago. You will have to trim the plastic on the bezel a bit, cause its gonna be too tight for the Pioneer. I had pics, but had to reboot my laptop. But I started a thread a few months ago and there is a pic of it in there.

Lu Scola
12-23-08, 08:34 PM
Depending on the head unit you may be able to put the cd player in then put the bezel on overtop, some headunits will fit perfectly (without the radio trim ring), while some may not. Definetly try the first way I said first before trimming. If you are trying to slide a radio thru the bezel then it will be too big and you will have to trim. Ill post a pic of a headunit fitting without any trimming.