View Full Version : gotta love frozen cars....

12-22-08, 03:53 PM
my 89 fwb has been sitting for a few days and after all the rain and freezing temperatures i figured the battery would be dead...i was right. but i didnt expect the rest. i finally get the car started and the power antenna tries to moves and breaks cause its frozen. my buddy tries to open the pass door and now the door handle broke inside and wont do anything. and on top of it i leaned on the armrest on the door and cracked it.......talk about a bad day

Cadillac Giovanni
12-22-08, 10:15 PM
My 89 sat for a few days as well before the harsh storm we had in New England earlier in the week. I really should have taken it out for a drive to charge up the battery before it got buried in a foot and a half of snow and ice at 12 degrees Fahrenheit. It was completely flat when I got to it, and the battery is only a few months old.

Sucks about the antenna and the armrest. Must have been really cold!

12-22-08, 10:32 PM
That sucks, glad my Cadillac sits in a garage at work and at home.

12-22-08, 11:12 PM
For sure the cold weather can really take it`s toll on any vehicle,especially the older ones when the plastic parts lose their elasticity then crack when frozen.First year i had my 1995 Sedan Deville i drove it in the winter,the automatic antennae would only raise 4 inches or so since it froze--i was tempted to raise it manually but i left it alone to thaw out in warmer weather.The door locks would always freeze also.
We`ve already had 38 inches of snow here in Michigan,just in December! My winter ride has ice lodged in the wheels,which throws off the wheel balance,and my steering wheel starts shaking at 55 mph.Winter sucks!

12-22-08, 11:56 PM
wow 38 inches....you know i wouldnt mind the car breaking if we actually got any snow. i live right outside of atlantic city and we havent even had a dusting yet.

whats worse is that i just installed that brand new antenna this summer.

12-23-08, 10:27 PM
Hey cheer up! If those things went, then they were probably out the door already. Consider it a winter fix. Right now you can probably get a minty armrest and power antenna pretty cheap. :cool2:


12-24-08, 11:13 AM
yeah i havent been lucky with this red interior. been look for a few things but found nothing in good condition.

Cadillac Giovanni
12-24-08, 12:47 PM
oh, you have a red interior too? I wish I could remember the site, I had one where there were pictures of cars in junkyards all over the country. It tells you whether or not they will ship parts to you as well. I ended up getting two new front seats for my car this way...

12-24-08, 01:16 PM
really...that would be awesome. maybe i can search for it.

Cadillac Giovanni
12-24-08, 06:26 PM
Found it!


Merry Christmas!

12-25-08, 12:53 AM
now thats a great x-mas present...thanks

12-25-08, 09:27 PM
My 93 Fleetwood is doing well so far in daily driver duty in freezing temperatures. Climate Control was showing 6 degrees Fahrenheit the other morning. Fired right up, transmission shifts fine. I have snow tires on it, and it's getting through foul weather like a champ. Used up like a gallon of washer fluid keeping the windshield de-iced though :lol: