: 06 Wont start!!!!

12-22-08, 02:41 PM
I posted last week that I had a water leak, and was having large amounts of water dripping from the dash on the passenger side. Then my blower was acting up, and it would stay on when the car was off. So I took the fuse out of the blower and just put it in when I start the car. This morning I went out and it was fine. I went out 2 hours ago to start it and it wont start. battery is good with 12.5 volts, radio and lights come on. Put it in ON and put my ear to the gas tank and can hear the pump. Check engine light comes on and it clicks about 5 or 6 times real fast and quiet everytime I go to turn it over. No corrosion on battery leads. I have a feeling this pain in the ass leak has gotten into my electrical system. Anybody know where to start???

12-22-08, 06:58 PM
can you load test the battery? Did you check to make sure the battery leads are tight?