: Oh what a feeling...

12-22-08, 11:15 AM

Even without the legacy cost of the Big 3. I notice this isn't huge news in the main stream media.
Who was saying something about them building cars here and still being able to turn a profit.:stirpot:
Word is they already have the backing of the their government on this one without asking.
They really don't need it yet though. They have money saved up.

At any rate some of the comments are pretty funny.

Gung Ho was an awesome movie. I love Michael Keaton.

12-22-08, 03:59 PM
Oh noes! Are you telling me that Toyota is a bunch of bumbling idiots that don't deserve to exist? Oh, it's only for domestic makers? My bad...

12-23-08, 11:26 PM
Not that I'll be shedding any tears for Toyota's woes, but the Detroit 3 still need to get it together no matter what may be happening with the Japanese companies. It's just a symptom of how bad things are.