: Set Original CD-Rom message

12-21-08, 09:35 AM
Hello all
I just purchased a 2005 Escalade with Nav, cd changer and XM Radio. The Nav screen is stuck on a message that reads "Set original cd-rom". I can hear the radio, but nothing else works with radio, Nav, or cd's.
Anyone have any ideas on how to reset or get this to work, or what the "original cd-rom" is?

12-03-09, 11:55 AM
I know this is an old post but I am experancing the same problem now with one I just bought. Does anyone know what needs to be done to "fix" this problem? I put in my Nav disk and the message go's away but the unit just stays blank. I have done a lot of searches on this and this is the only thread I could find..

07-15-16, 09:02 PM
Radio was working fine until today when the set original cd rom message appear on screen. Any idea how to fix?

07-16-16, 03:17 PM
This may help you get some ideas.


the cadillac man
07-20-16, 11:25 PM
Have you tried a laser lens cleaning disc?

Otherwise it's possible the radio has a software issue.