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12-20-08, 11:45 PM
Hi folks,

I've been the mostly happy owner of a decent enough 83 Sedan de Ville d'Elegance. She's got the 4100 in her and I have a rather nasty hesitation happening. It's most pronounced when I first drive and the engine is still cold. She almost always falls on her nose when I press the gas down. When the engine is warm and I stop for about an hour or so and go to start again, the engine will run for like 10 seconds and die. Then it won't want to start again. This only happens occationally. The worst it had been was in Orlando recently, the car refused to start until I hit the gas before cranking it, and then I had to race the engine til things settled down.

I have a factory manual for the car, best $80 I ever spent btw, and I have the ability to get into diagnostic mode. I am getting hard codes 13 and 44, and a soft code on 34. The manual tells me to go into a diagnostic 9.0 and I can get there, but my buttons on my ECC and Fuel Data gauges are pretty well spent, so I can do nothing beyond that point. So, my first question is where can I get a fuel data gauge? I've been all over the web and creation looking for one and they're mighty rare birds. I'd like to get another ECC as well, I have leads on those.

Has anyone else had similar troubles?? So far I've replaced the wires, cap, rotor, plugs, fuel filter (which had rust in the fuel), O2 sensor and all the vacuum lines on the engine that I could find. My problem is getting worse.
I'm considering changing out the fuel pump and sock filter in the tank next.

Being limited in funds at this point in time has left me in this position. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts,

12-21-08, 12:47 AM
You sure replaced everything I would have started with, and I would say the pump and sock may be next on the list. You say the filter had "rust in the fuel"? That doesn't sound right...

12-29-08, 11:34 AM
That problem has been solved. I changed out the fuel pump and strainer (formerly known as the sock) and all is right with the world. My ECM has the codes cleared out of it because I had the battery disconnected while the tank was out of the car. I have smooth even power from idle to open throttle, even from a stand still I can romp on it and the left front corner of the car tilts up a little bit. That little 4100 impressed me when it did that. So thanks for the comeback, more happy Caddy owner now,