View Full Version : Having a lil trouble holding 4th

12-18-08, 09:05 PM
I own a 98 concours with 214.000 miles been a great vehicle to date. I noticed that tonight on the way home about 10 minutes into my highway trip I started having issues with the tranny coming outta of 4 and going to third. When it would do this I would try to shift back into 4 continaully which caused the car to buck. Around town 4 gear is fine, nice shifts also, smooth when they should firm when they should. I religously change the tranny fluid about once every 30,000 miles fluid is still red also. Any hints on what might be going on, no codes by the way. Thanks.

12-18-08, 09:46 PM
Tranny fluid is ususaly a one or two time deal.
ever single car i own has never had a tranny change.
i think the frequent changes has messed something up to be honest. I know a tranny flush will cause bad things. so maybe there has been so many changes that it has the same bad effect as a flush

12-18-08, 09:57 PM
30,000 miles is way too conservative for transmission fluid changes. How often did you change the rear axle oil in your previous RWD vehicle ?

12-18-08, 10:12 PM
LOL when I was younger I was a tad bit over zealous on P.M. (preventive maintianance) On my previous RWD vehicle which was a volvo 940T I used synthetic rear end oil I just changed it once and forgot it. But everything else was synthetic too on that car. I'm hard pressed to believe to dropping the pan and changing tranny fluid too much has damaged something. Sounds far fetch to me. I was raised on "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Any other ideas on the issue at hand?

12-18-08, 10:24 PM
so maybe there has been so many changes that it has the same bad effect as a flush
Not a chance. 30K changes is way too frequent, but certainly not harmful.

12-19-08, 09:34 PM
Well you could drain a little bit of tranny fuild and pour a bottle of lucas tranny fix, what you got to lose?

12-22-08, 01:17 PM
actually I just checked and its been about 60,000 since I last changed it. I'll change it and add some of the lucas treatment. I have noticed that now its holding third gear even in town. If I let up off the gas it will go down into 4. Still smooth shifts and stuff. weird symptoms. No codes though.