: 96 Deville: Non-Bose Radio replacement

12-18-08, 08:33 PM
Let me first off apologize for asking what seems to be one of the most common questions relating to mid 90's Devilles.

I have a 96' Sedan Deville with a Delco am/fm/cas radio.
It says something about Dolby B on the front of the tape deck but says Delco on the big sticker on the right side (after removal).

The radio has been having serious issues for along time now... lots of noise... and then sometimes it just dies (goes VERY quite) so im considering it dead.

So now i am wanting/needing to install a new radio and i am seing that there are many contradictory statements as to the difficulty/possibility or lack thereof of installing an aftermarket radio.

What I have read so far:

1) You can buy an easy harness converter (cheap) and all is fine!
1.B) I read in one post that people with a 97/98 have lots of issues but that a 96 is no prob?

2) you can convert the harness like above but you have to find a new source for the 12v constant and 12v switched. and once you do that all is good

3) You have to convert the harness, and keep the old radio rewired to the trunk or else your car will freakout, display lots of alarms/alerts/codes and have several power issues such as the battery being run down (etc)

Now i know that the people with the full Bose sound systems have lots of issues relating to the speaker's compatibility but i don't think that applies to me.

So heres the question(s) compressed:

Do i have to run a lot of wires to my trunk and keep my old radio plugedin back there?

Do i have to find other power sources in order for a radio to remember my stations/time?

Should i just leave my old radio in the hole and just 'humm' to myself? (as is dictated by #3)

Thank you for your time! :(

Extra Credit Q: Can BestBuy be trusted for an install? (if #1 is correct then this doesn't matter)

12-18-08, 09:44 PM
where are you located
and no best buy is a bunch of Fkin morons

12-20-08, 12:52 AM
Remove the HU and on the left side you will locate a heat sink with two chips mounted on. Probably the thermal paste dried and the thermal contact is compromised. Remove everything, clean the paste and replace with new (the one from your PC CPU is good enough). If problem not solved just go on e-bay and spend $30 on a working unit. Just make sure is not just looking like yours, it also has the same P#. You need to play CDís just spend another $60 and get an OEM CD changer.
No stereo is like the OEM one.