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12-18-08, 07:00 PM
haven't been here in a while, been busy with a job, and a new(old) vw...
anyways, my 93 fwb has been acting up lately.
when i got it, about 5 months ago, i replaced the plaugs, and plug wires, and there was a sticker on the fan shroud stating the cap and coil was replaced.
all was fine and dandy, riding cadillac, being comfy etc etc...
until lately...
i changed the tranny fluid, apparently that was a big mistake. car shifts like shit now. when it's below 45 degrees, it won't shift into second until it hit 29-30mph, won't hit 3rd until at least 50 mph. then it won't go into OD until around 70mph. won't downshift either. but, when it's about 50 degrees, shifts fine. when it's cold out, i can drive a few minutes, shut the car off for about 5 minutes, start it, then it shifts fine. after this started, i changed the fluid again, and it did the exact same thing. any ideas?
nxt up...horrible mileage, bad acceleration, no power etc...
so anyway, here's this problem. this just started about a week ago.
i noticed some surging under crusing rpms/no heavy load. then i noticed when i'd get off the highway, i had almost no power under around 2000rpms...then the car would take off. but with a lot of hesitation and sluggish pulling. i got home the first time this happened, and put it in park, and tried reving it up. at about 4500rpms, it flatlines, stops accelerating, and starts popping. i have checked/replaced any sketchy looking vac lines, checked timing.
so...anyone got any ideas? these two problems are making my otherwise wonderful, 84k miles fwb a real pain in the ass to drive, and has me thinking about selling it because these wackass problems are starting to pop up. i've owned other fi gm vehicles with the 4l60 and never had any of these problems.
someone help before i make any bad decisions!:crybaby:

12-19-08, 01:59 AM
Is the service engine light on? Get a factory service manual ASAP. You can find them on ebay, or your dealership.

12-19-08, 06:14 AM
nope, no service engine soon light, no weird noises, nothing.
would a bad catlytic converter cause any of the symptoms not to do with the trans?

12-19-08, 07:36 AM
I may or may not be a help, but it sounds a bit like a problem I had. If it is, it's transmission. I had a bolt come loose, and it ended up floating around the bell housing, cutting up the torque converter. You might want to look at your transmission again, the flush may have brought on a series of new problems. Mine, the bolt ended up cutting the bell housing nearly in half. I was losing tranny fluid bad, but the car kept moving. This happened right after/ as a result of my transmission being rebuilt. The bolt backed out of the engine and tore up the rebuild, and gouged the heck out of the new stall converter. Luckily, the shop rebuilt the mess again without charging me.

12-19-08, 08:18 AM
My brother had a similar issue with his '92 Brougham which had the same L05 TBI motor.

He took it to a shop and they reset the timing and it was fixed! He also thought it was his trans (several shops did too..).

12-19-08, 05:37 PM
It sounds like a vacuum leak to me or a screwy MAP sensor. I've had cars that shift a little later when it is below 0 degrees but once it warms up they are ok. Since yours is running crappy it is probably a vacuum issue.

12-20-08, 05:20 PM
Have you changed the distributor cap and rotor? The one on my 93 was pretty nasty and it ran almost as bad as you described it at times.

12-20-08, 09:03 PM
my two cents...be 100% sure the timing is correct, next I'm gonna go with vacuum, then cap/coil. Did the engine problem start when you did the plugs/wires? It could be as simple as wires mixed up

12-21-08, 10:40 AM
so here's how it went...
drove to work, car was missing, running like crap etc. changed the cap and rotor. the cap was probably the nastiest cap i've ever seen. that helped a bit, but didn't fix it. remembering how i changed the fuel filter, plugs, wires, egr, any sketchy vac lines, and checked and set the timing, i still felt it had to exhaust related.
and it was. i put my hand over the tail pipe, and there was almost no pressure. so i took it to my exhaust guy, and the checked the catalytic converter with a backpressure guage. and that's what it was. had a new one put on...car runs better than ever. power is back, no weird misses or low end lack of power.
the tranny tho...i'm still not sure about that one. when it warms back up i'm gonna put in a different trans and convertor to see what that does.
thanks for the replys guys