: Help! found diff plumbing on my drive!

Rob Benham
12-18-08, 03:29 PM
95 FWB

Got the car back from local shop, they'd done the rear wheel bearing and all seemed well. Today, while sweeping up the leaves, I found a well made silver nut with a 3/8 splined pipe one end, and what had been a copper pipe or connector screwed into the other.

It looked like it was made to press into soft metal and port air or something through the nut and down the pipe.

Best guess is that it was the diff breather, but there is no obvious hole in the casting. Nor is there a rubber pipe in evidence, like some GM diff breathers.

One thing that worries me is that it appeared to have blue grease in it. I have used that blue stuff in the past, but only on steering nipples etc., up the front end. People use my drive to turn round in, it's just possible that they have driven waaaaaay into my drive, and left me with a present that aint' mine.

Any ideas what it could be?