: Subs

12-17-08, 10:15 PM
Hey I have a 1997 STS. Im going to be adding 2 HL-10C's to my car. This is my first car stereo "hook up" Is there a place on the stereo to add subs or do i have to get like a eq box just so send the lf to the subs off a main speaker ?

12-17-08, 11:27 PM
Yep u gotta use a line out converter and run it from the speakers. I just found this out as im planning on adding subs in my STS soon.

12-18-08, 02:20 AM
Yeah you can run a line output converter (LOC) from the wires for the 6x9's in the trunk.

I did that for a short time in my '97 STS but it's "hacky" in my opinion -- although on the other hand it is a quick and easy way to get some subs bumping.

Use the crossovers on your amp(s) to low-pass the audio signal to the subs. An Eq usually isn't necessary to filter the sub signal.

12-18-08, 05:18 PM
what would the not hacky way to do it ?

12-19-08, 12:20 AM
1) Use a product like a 3sixty -- it interfaces more nicely with the speaker wires and offers some EQ (maybe such a device is what you meant when you mentiond an EQ). A LOC is just a transformer and won't have the sound quality of something like a 3sixty -- but for an application involving only subwoofers and not speakers, the loss of fidelity from a LOC would be inaudible, and a LOC is so much more cost effective than something like a 3sixty that a LOC might be the best choice.

2) Look into integrating something into the pre-amp sections of your head-unit, akin to RCA outs on an aftermarket radio. If you have a Bose system I think pre-amp signals might be available straight from the head-unit without modification. If on the other hand the radio is a "regular" Delco unit, it might be more difficult to tap into a pre-amp signal (and probably not something most people want to spend time on), although it is possible to get at a pre-amp signal in a Delco.