: steering wheel from cts-v on an 08/09 xlr-v?

12-17-08, 06:49 PM
So, looking at the 08 and newer xlr-v with the new wheel design, and then at the 09 cts-v with the alcantara wheel, it looks like they ought to be able to swap without any difficulty (probably also true with older xlr-v's, but the extra buttons (wheel heater?) would be dead).

any of you dealer types able to quote a price on the 09 cts-v's steering wheel (alcantara)? i'd be interested to know how much this would cost to do, partswise.

as an aside, i'm not digging the gaudy chrome "vent" or the superfluous "ground effects" of the 09 xlr-v. it looks like fat/bloat on an otherwise very trim all-business body.

12-17-08, 07:39 PM
Try asking Luke at Lindsay Cadillac parts. One of the forum's authorized vendors. :)

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