: XM radio in 99 STS

12-17-08, 11:27 AM
I'll start by telling you I searched and searched and I got partial answers, and conflicting info so I gotta start a thread, sorry. :confused: I've got a 99 STS Bose w/RDS and yadda ya. I don't have a Cd changer, though, my car has every option but a changer thant was available for 99.

What ALL do I need to add XM to the factory reciever, I hear a 2000/02 up head unit and obviously the CD changer cable. But I saw Trek, GMos1 or something, I'm lost in the sauce. Also, are ANY of the 99 radios compatible for an XM upgrade. Thanks, I can't keep doing the radio and I'd hate to ruin my interior with a Tom Tom and a Delphi.