: 02 Escalade Low Cylinder Compression Help

12-16-08, 12:38 AM
First off I am new to this thread and I have been searching for about 30 mins hoping to find someone with a problem like mine put I have had no luck so I am hoping someone can help me. Ok....

I have a 2002 6.0L escalade with 70k on the mileage that has low compression on all four cylinders on the passengers side. Now I am no mechanic but I know a little something but have never ran into a problem like this. One day I was driving to work and my check engine light came on and it was driving real rough at any speeds over 30mph but drove fine at any speeds under and would idle perfectly fine. The dealer said i had some internal engine damage because 3 of my cylinders had low compression and I would be looking at between $3000-$6500 for the to perform the work. Now my escalade has been down for 12 long months now because I just did not have the money that the Cadillac dealer was talking to start a rebuild. I took all the spark plugs out on the drivers side first and all the cylinders held the same pressure which was like 132psi (cant really remeber cuz it was a few months back) then i did the passengers side and obviously thats where the problem was because cylinder 1 was like 115, 2 was like 75, 3 was like 115, and I didnt even check the fourth because I figured that I already know that side was the problem so im thinking probably bad valves on that head so get the heads redone and problem would be solved. So I take that head to the machine shop and the guy look at the head and said you are going to be wasting your money if you want this redone because nothing is wrong with it, he sprayed some stuff in the valves and said they were not loose or leaking and he looked at the head gasket and said that it looked good also, he said you would mormally see burnt marks on the gasket if air was seeping through. He said you must be losing pressure from the rings on the piston but I told him about all 3 cylinders not holding the correct compression and that I didnt even check the 4th and he said he has never seen 3 cylinders go at once. I then asked him could it have jumped timing, he said if it jumped timing it would have thrown both sides of the motor off not just one. I looked at the cylinder walls and they dont looked scratched up at all and I srayed some throttle body cleaner in each cylinder to see if it leaked down into the block and it didnt. Which brings me to the confused state I am at now. If my head is good and my head gasket is good, and my cylinder walls are not scratched up and seems to be holding pressure then where and I losing my compression at? Please anybody help. I want my escalade back on the road so bad I dont know what to do. I just dont have the cash to swap out the engine.

12-16-08, 08:34 AM
Are you the original owner? If not how many miles were on it when you purchased it?

12-16-08, 09:18 AM
I am the second owner and I have had it since around 35k