: Blower Problems and Water Leak!!! HELP!!!!

12-14-08, 04:10 PM
Hi, guys, I have an 06 base model with 66k on it. Recently during heavy rain my passenger floor has been soaked. It is definately rain water and not anti freeze or other fluid. It seems to be leaking from under the dash below the vent furthest to the right of the vehicle. During this pain in the ass, my blower stopped working on high speed, I could put it on high speed and it was blowing barely anything, then it would kick on high for a bit. I went out this morning and the car wouldnt start, checked the battery and had 7 volts, bought a new battery, thinking the blower was acting up due to the battery, but I was wrong. I then realized that when the truck is off, the blower is faintly on, so I took out the fuse and it stopped. I realize I need the leak fixed first, and most likely water is in the blower or fan motor and that drained my battery. But I am in NJ and dont want to freeze my ass of for the winter. What kinda money am I looking at and what do you assume it is!!!?!?!? Thanks!!!