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12-13-08, 06:42 PM
2002 SLS w/factory am/fm cd/cassette (non-Bose). I assume from the sound quality that there is an amp. I have a factory sub mounted in the rear deck.
I need to know where the amp is and what the amp is ? 2 channel /4 channel etc. ?
Does anyone have a wiring diagram of the factory system? Does the head unit have RCA outputs ?
I counted a total of 10 speakers , 3 in the dash, 2 on the door pillars, 2 in the front doors, 2 in the rear doors and a sub in the rear deck.
I want to put the aftermarket sub box (MTX) and amp from my old car in my new car and then maybe an amp for the mid/high speakers. What is the best/easiest way to do this ?
Whats in this car as stock. Can I use the sub speaker wires using a high level output to convert to Low level to run to my Sub amp ?
If the Head doesn't have RCA's can I do the same for the remaining speakers or should I uninstall/bypass the factory amp altogether ?
Sorry about the long question, just trying to say from multiple posts.

12-14-08, 08:57 AM
you have 1 speaker in the center of your dash nothing is on the right and left side
as for the rest of your ? please search all been covered run new wires for everything relocate your hu to the trunk and you should be fine