: New Mods to my EXT...Lookey Here!!! TV's, Fridge,Wheels

Lu Scola
12-13-08, 01:22 AM
I got back into mod mode this week, and added some more accessories. I bought a set of 2008 Escalade 22" inch factories two days ago. Well today a customer came into our shop and was wanting to sell a set of 26" inch KMC dimes off his 2007 ESV. He bought the wheels from us a little less than a month ago for 5500. He was asking $3,000 for them. I offered him $2200. He accepted my offer, so now I have two sets of the same exact 26" inch rims and tires. Now I have two (2) other sets of rims and tires that I need to sell asap. If you remember 2 weeks ago, I bought a set of NEW 2008 Escalade chrome rims, and I got a new set of snow tires for them (Nitto Dune Grapplers). I also am selling the 22" Inch 2008 Escalade Factories.

Here is the list of wheels I have for my EXT:

Set #1 26" Inch KMC Dimes (My original wheels I bought this summer)

Set #2 26" Inch KMC Dimes (Bought Today from customer) POSSIBLY FOR SALE

Set #3 22" Inch Cadillac 2008 Escalade Factory Rims and Tires FOR SALE

Set #4 18" Inch Cadillac 2008 Escalade Factory Rims with Snow Tires (Dune Grapplers) FOR SALE

Today I installed my rear headrest screens. These screens are only visible to people driving or walking behind my truck. I also began to build the frame for my custom rear wall. I have to pull it apart because I bought a new Kicker Box with two new Kicker L7's. I have a Kicker box in there now with one 10" L7 in there that I will have to sell too. I put a refridgerator in the wall, a Cd Changer, a DVD Changer, and Im gonna put one 7" inch monitor in the wall also. Now when you see the pic of the wall under construction you can see everything where it will be placed. o finish the wall I have to build the face that will be wrapped in 2 tone leather that will match the amp rack below under the rear seats. Its gonna turn out amazing. I also put down the sub floor behind the wall in the bed area for the hard wood floor that will be laid down sometime this week. I have the wood already. Im just waiting to finish the wall so I know how deep it will go back toward the rear of the bed. Im going to poly-Urithane the wood floor heavily, to give it a NBA Basketball Court looking floor, and to add extra protection against scratches. Lastly I have a set of PINK HID Zenon Bulbs that Ill put in to replace the factory HID's. I put a set in my Lexus tonight, and they look pretty cool. Ill put some pics under this post. Check out the pics below. Let me know what you think so far.





Fridge and Pre-Wall Pics



Amp Rack Pics



Lu Scola
12-13-08, 01:26 AM
Here is what the Pink HID kits look like installed. These are in my Lexus SC400



Heres a bad pic below of the new Escalade 22"s on my EXT, sorry about the pic quality, it was raining when I took the pic.


sam hamm
12-13-08, 12:23 PM
u got the pink HIDS...nice

hows the lighting on them? like can you still actually see good?

12-13-08, 01:08 PM
It's official.....you're the madman of modding. :thumbsup: The Admins need to make you a badge to go under your username. :D

Spittin Game
12-13-08, 02:01 PM
Pink HID's???

Lu Scola
12-13-08, 02:35 PM
They are actually brighter than the normal HID's. I bought 8 PINK HID Kits. I took some pics of the road from inside the car. ill post them when I get back home. Yes Id like a badge under my S/N....LOL!

12-14-08, 11:54 AM
Lookin good as always man! Let me know wht u want for the 18,s and 22,s! And Go STEELERS! Damn Ravens fans! LOL

Lu Scola
12-14-08, 12:45 PM
Another Steelers Fan.......WTH!!! Care to put 5 paypal dollars on your team?

Here is what my storage room is looking like. I really need to get rid of some wheels. I cant even fit my 18"s in here. I had to leave them at the shop.







This picture below reminds me of the movie Christine. It looks like the car is staring at you ready to kill you. Kind of creepy!!! LOL!



12-14-08, 07:45 PM
How much for the factory 22's and the kmc dimes?

12-14-08, 07:53 PM
It's official.....you're the madman of modding. :thumbsup: The Admins need to make you a badge to go under your username. :D

second the badge thing!!

Lu, that truck is sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAY COOL :thumbsup: you make it look like it came from the factory that way....now that takes some doing.

Love those mods. :thumbsup:

Lu Scola
12-14-08, 11:07 PM
Im gonna ebay the 22"s for $1350 Buy it Now, and $850 for the 18"s Buy it Now also. Im gonna sell the set of 26"s for $3000

Every set of factory 22"s on ebay sell for well over $1600 plus shipping.

12-15-08, 11:44 PM
Im gonna ebay the 22"s for $1350 Buy it Now, and $850 for the 18"s Buy it Now also. Im gonna sell the set of 26"s for $3000

Every set of factory 22"s on ebay sell for well over $1600 plus shipping.

What would shipping be to Spokane, WA 99202?

What condition are the rims in? And tires?

Talking about the 22's here

Lu Scola
12-16-08, 12:30 AM
Both the tires and rims are great. Lots of tread left. My zip is 21009. Id have to see how much each rim weighs to get a shipping price. I am guessing in the 200 range. I woud probably sell the wheels for 1525 shipped.

Lu Scola
12-18-08, 04:54 AM
I thought of a crazy idea last night that Im going to put into action. Let me know what you think of this. There is a guy on ebay that is selling service manuals for the 02-06 Escalades on DVD Discs with complete fix/repair info like they use at the dealer for repairs (kinda like chiltons. You can go thru the menu and skip chapters by pushing the forward and back buttons on the remote. So here is the conclusion of my idea. Im gonna add a dvd player in my wall that will only have the Escalade manual DVD in it. Then I will make a nice fiberglass mount/bezel with a 7" tv/monitor under the hood so whenever my mechanic works on my truck he can go thru the service dvd right there under the hood. He can skip thru chapters/pages by using the remote that will control the dvd palyer via a remote eye that will be mounted in the bezel that holds the monitor. Is this crazy or what???

I took out the sub box I had with the 10" Kicker and replaced it with another Kicker box that has (2) 12" Kicker L7's in there. Wow what a big difference!
I put my old kicker box turned around behind it and now Im trying to decide whether to sell it or make a add on to the 12" kicker box with the 10" Kicker facing the tailgate. I would have to get another amp with that set-up. I also would lose more bed space doing that. With that said Im leaning more towards selling the 10" sub with the box.


Here is the back side still under construction. The MDF board laid down is the sub-floor. Once its finished you won't see anything back there. Im gonna lay the wood floor, make walls on each side wrapped in black leather with a tv monitor on each side up towards the bed, and add alot of neon lighting for a nice light show inside the bed.

The wood floor is getting a heavy topping of poly-urathane for a high gloss shine. Im going for an NBA Basketball court look. Dead in the center of the wood floor I will add a Cadillac Logo just like a home basketball team would have their team logo at center court. Its gonna look so good that I probably wont put anything back there rendering the bed as useless :-(


Another PINK HID shot for those wondering about the visibility:

Still cluttered. I get yelled at everyday for this. Ive gotta get rid of some of my wheels. I still have my stock Navigator wheels that still have in here also.

sam hamm
12-18-08, 02:00 PM
hey thanks for the pictures showing the visibility. i thought about gettin the 30000k kit for my truck but i cant really find it for the d1s style bulbs, but its okay i got a few ideas for the lighting on my truck.

also did you smoke out the interior lights on the doors?

12-18-08, 04:50 PM
Lu...what alternator are you using? How many amps is it rated?