: Half Case Seal....

12-12-08, 09:51 PM
So I have the motor out of the car for my head gasket job :thumbsup:

My car is leaking from the case seal like most the northstars do, I searched rockauto for 'half case' and 'seal' but nothing came up, anybody have all the part numbers to do the job?? :confused:

12-12-08, 10:22 PM
Look under "conversion gasket set" under "engine".

Or, you can do what the TSB calls for - using RTV to reseal the crankcase/block. I can send you the info on doing that if you like, I downloaded the service bulletin from SI. I guess GM found that the RTV does a better job- the seals shrink over time. RTV sticks to both surfaces.

If you go with RTV, You have to know what you're doing to do this- lots of oil passages all over that cannot be blocked. If you feel confident enough with a caulking gun and a tube of the best RTV money can buy, not a bad way to go. If not, get the seals from RockAuto. Quite often I'll use both- seals and RTV for a bit of extra leak prevention. Follow the torque specs to the number when assembling the lower end- you'll need a good torque wrench and a torque-angle guage. Lots of brake parts cleaner to clean the oil pan, windage tray, lower block, lint free cloth to clean bearing surfaces, and assembly lube. It's quite a job but well worth doing if you want a leak-free N*.

12-12-08, 10:44 PM
:highfive: Thanks Jake I will probably do both, and if would be great if you could send that info to my email!

12-13-08, 09:18 AM
No problem, I sent it to your email