: Rear Bumper Cover Removal 06 ext?

12-11-08, 02:10 PM

My ext was a victom of hit and run. I purchased a new cover from gm and got it painted now its time to switch it out..

I basically figured out everything with the exeption of getting the plate off that holds the shaft for the spare tire. I removed all the pads and got the sensors out and everything. Its pretty much loose and hanging there I just cant figure out how to remove that plate which connects the bumper to the shaft..

Anyone have any pointers for me?


Lu Scola
12-11-08, 10:26 PM
I woke up early monday morning to take the trash out. I got to my front door, and seen a white Cadillac SRX back into my truck and caved in the rear quarterpanel/flare around the back wheel. She then proceeded to take off from the accident. I ran out with only shorts and a t-shirt on and caught the culprit before she was able to make a clean get away. I made her contact her insurance company in front of me. I am now waiting for them to call me back so I can get it fixed. Its been since monday and I have heard nothing. Its really p*ssing me off that I have to put my truck in the shop again. Good thing I was awake or I would have been a hit and run victim.

02-20-09, 02:52 PM
did u end up figuring it out .... how to get that spare tire shaft out? im stuck right now!

Lu Scola
02-20-09, 07:51 PM
Ill ask my body guy at the shop in the a.m and let u guys know how to properly take it off.

02-20-09, 10:35 PM
Please Do! I ended up propping the bumper up just enough to cut a 2 inch square in the bumper reinforcement to install my rear view camera. But for future reference I would love to know how the hell to get that metal clip off for the spare tire tube!

04-05-09, 07:39 PM
Did you figure it out? I need to know how to remove that panel also!

04-06-09, 05:17 PM
I just replaced the rear bumper cover on my 2002 Escalade, and here's a brief on how I accomplished it.
The hardest single task is the removal of the circular metal clip holding the spare tire hoist tube to the bumper, and that comes later.
In order to change the cover, it is easier if the entire bumper assembly, cover and all, is removed from the frame horns.
As I recall, there are a few bolts per side, and of course the back up sensors and license plate lights to unplug. Remove the license plate.
After removing the entire bumper assembly from the car, place it on a fender stand if you have one, and flip it inside up...exposing the rectangular clips holding the cover to the steel inner brace. Using pliers, squeeze the clips to allow them to push through the rectangular holes in the bumper brace, and remove the cover. Next, remove the three top surface step plates from the cover...they are held on with built-in deformable plastic studs as well.
Removing the back up sensors is a job, but the operation of the snap-in clips is fairly obvious after a little study.

The spare tire hoist tube is held on by a circular metal washer that features internal metal teeth that lock onto the tube with a deathgrip. Just imagine the shape of this clip as one similar to a Sun gear. The teeth must be bent up and away from the tube with a small screwdriver in order to push the tube out. The best way is to cut it off, and buy a replacement from GM. They are pretty cheap. I was able to bend the teeth out of the way, but it was a pain in the ass. Before I reinstalled it, I bent the teeth into the original configuration so it would hold the tube in place again.
I would not try to remove the clip without first removing the bumper assembly from the car, and seperating the cover from the internal metalwork.
It's pretty hard to get to with the bumper on the car.
I would advise you to paint the bumper cover before installing it on the car. After painting and polishing, simply reverse the process, and load the entire assembly onto the car and secure all of the bolts to the frame horns......My cover was painted, polished out and ready to install before I ever removed the bumper assembly and the old junk cover. Installing the license plate was the last task of the job.
Test all wiring connections to ensure complete operation of the back up alarm system and the license plate lights, and you are home free........
These are the highlights of the job....pneumatic tools are very helpful.....
Good luck...