: Code help...please!!!!!

12-09-08, 05:35 PM
Im about to pull my hair out, and Im bald. Could be ugly!!:hmm::hmm::bonkers:

I just bought a 2001 sls a week ago. I am having a problem with my on screen display. I get a constant LOW RANGE on fuel, OIL LIFE and TRANS LIFE change almost with each start. I pulled codes today and got a ton that were history and two were current IPC u1000, u1255. I reset all and drove a little . After checking again I get IPC u1192 and IRC u1016. Car doors wont lock somtimes with remote. Of note other day disconnected battery ground to check connections and other grounds, and after reconnection all seem well for an hour or so than started again. If its a module could you direct me to where to start. I also own another 01 sls could I use this to my advantage.

Thanks Mike

12-09-08, 05:53 PM
is this the same jam jar as the one in the electrical section?:hmm: