: Builtin nav vs portable?

12-09-08, 04:21 AM
I don't get builtin nav systems. Looking at the price for a nav system on an '09 CTS-V I see it's 8-10x as expensive as a new Garmin or similar, map upgrades are also much more expensive, you can't take it with you in a service loaner or on vacation, and when I replace the Garmin in 2-3 years I'm probably getting newer and better electronics in addition to the new maps :hmm: Can somebody explain why builtin nav systems are desirable?

12-09-08, 11:18 AM
my opinion they are not...they just look good but at the premium price imo isn't worth it!

like you said portable much better deal

12-16-08, 02:00 PM
I have a built-in in my STS and it is very frustrating. In addition to everything that 'randian' said you can't do much with it while driving. The most frustrating is with POIs. If you select a POI from the screen you can not get info on it unless you stop. Once you stop you can select it as a destination and even call it, at the press of one button, using bluetooth.

All of this functionality is available on a portable while driving and despite what the safety pundets say I think it is much more dangerous to drive frustrated and p***** off than it is to touch a cuople of buttons on a nav screen!

The built-in does look nice though.