: Handouts, engines, and bailouts

12-08-08, 02:43 PM
After reading several articles in various newspapers and online in news sites, I conclude that it might behoove GM to take a look at some of their most pitiful mistakes of the last 15 years and set aside a few million dollars (peanuts in the order of things....a Christmas bonus), to issue a "good faith" recall or two.......particularly for the abysmal mechanical performance of the 1995-2003 Northstar 32V engine as regards head gasket failure. This single fault has reduced the resale price of 9 years of Cadillac luxury vehicles to the equivalent of a rusty Volkswagen. I fully realize that Corporate or Dealer will never acknowledge the problem publicly, but as more and more owners log in to "do it yourself" websites, it becomes obvious that there's a broad engine-wide problem. Even your own dealership service writers will not look a customer in the eye when queried on the possibility or result of the failure.

12-08-08, 07:15 PM
You forgot to mention the overpaid UAW'S who assisted GM Corporate to succeed to where they are today. :yawn:

12-11-08, 02:47 PM
Dont be so quick to judge GM. I had a pleasant surprise recently with GM when my 04 Silverados speedometer went out, requiring a new dash cluster. $600. At the dealer. I have owned several GM vehicles and always swore by them. I had a 98 Monte Carlo with 155000 miles on it when I traded it in, and never had a problem with it. Also My Cadi is 21 years old, and has served me well in the time I have owned it. The Silverado is another story though... problem after problem. I have put over $4000 in repairs into it since the warranty went out. I have 75,000 miles on it. I researched online and found that the Speedometers go out on all 03-05 Silverados sooner or later, and there is lawsuits in several states to get them fixed under warranty. I simply called GM, and explained my situation and how much trouble Ive had with the truck, and they offered to fix it for free. They recently extended the warranty to 70000 miles, but mine still would not have qualified. Im just saying that it never hurts to try and talk to them. GM was actually really reasonable. Maybe try with the Cadi head gasket situation. Im actually thinking about giving them another try and buy a Saab for running back and forth.

12-13-08, 04:44 PM
GM & Her BIG 3 likes are being judged just fine on their own. Say what you will All of us who own a GM product will be Sh!t out of luck in the end anyway If and when they shut down.

Dont be so quick to judge GM.

12-14-08, 01:11 PM
A $600 cluster < a $2500 head gasket repair.