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12-08-08, 12:19 PM
I have a 2001 Catera, 122k miles, CEL is finally off after fixing small problems but I'm still getting the gas cap light on every now and then. I scan the car and get P0455 - Evap system, large leak detected. So I read all the threads on here talking about the gas cap. I checked the cap a million times and there's nothing wrong with it visually and always tight, so I looked further into the problem. I followed the lines coming from the filler neck up to the front end of the car presumably to the Charcoal Canister or whatever its called on the Catera. There's a valve of some kind up by the passenger (right) strut tower with a little green cap on it. I follow the hard plastic line over to the engine and surprise surprise its broken clean in half right behind the valve cover. I'd say that's a large leak haha. I looked on RockAuto and they have some POS line with a valve that almost looks the same for $100 bux, but the picture isn't very detailed and on top of that its worth IMO about $20 not $100+ so I'm not about to go dropping loot on some plastic hose that may not even fit. I measured the outside diameter of the line to be within a few thousandths of 3/8". So I'm thinking I can just get a small piece of rubber hose/tubing to reattach the two halves together but there's hardly any room to get to the smaller piece attached to the engine segment especially to try and also use a hose clamp. In fact, I cant even get one of my fingers on the end of it... Does anyone know what solutions I have? I'd rather not go to the dealer for it but I will if i have to. Pictures to follow if needed.

12-08-08, 04:34 PM
Towards the upper left of this pic...

Here's the valve I'm talking about with the attached tube to the right of it...

And follow the tube to the break, you can kinda see the other half of it down and to the right of the break...

12-08-08, 07:42 PM
It looks like you've been sabotaged!!!! LOL just kidding but that is pretty odd, that hose is very hard too. Well, find some kind of tubing/ hose that stands up to heat or something. Shrink tubing may work tho. Take off the plenum so you can get more room for you hand too. Just a word of advice, clean the crank case breather too- it's the block like thing just below and behind the hose and where 2 hoses connect to. Good luck!

03-29-09, 09:02 PM
strange case mine also has these symptoms and i took a look and the hose was cut just like yours the big deal is that already changed the spark plugs but now i going to get the pipe or hose to fix this and try another scan to see if this code goes away..anyway thanks for the pics they help me a lot...
the last but no least my car is a 98 model...i suggest all check this treat and your cars...:banghead:

03-30-09, 12:40 AM
I would say try the hose over the two ends use some silicone or something on the hose before you slid the new one over, this might help seal things up.

If that don't work try removing the bottom piece then slid the rest of the hose over the tube..try clamping again..

if all else fails go get some hose cut it and run it from the valve down to that spot.

03-31-09, 03:09 PM
hey guys i just fix my problem getting a hose from autozone this one the size is 3/8" (9.5mm) well i paid less than three dollars what i did was i used the same clamps that were and that area that connects the pipe ..wich is hard to see, was no really complicate just unscrew the windshield wipers and the cover that goes under the hood it took me less than 30 minutes after that i ran the car for 10 minutes and i went back to the near autozone store to rescan my car almost all disappeared and left the this code p0432 wich is the speed sensor...not too happy to i took another scan in another place
this time came out with the same code (vss) low input
bb =vehicle in drive speed over 1400 rpm's and the ecm detected no output speed signal
probable cause
faile vehicle speed sensor (vss)
open or short circuit condition
corroded or moisture in connector
this the part when i checked and autozone with the computer check...
so this are the another codes that i got from avanceautoparts..
well this are the codes, hopefully this point to one easy solution..
anyway if someone know how to start just let me know .with some instrutions...

03-31-09, 03:13 PM
hey i thinking that would be great if we create a chat in this forum..or in another place....all this info..is value but is hard to find here sometimes...