: HG cause emissions test failure?

Eldorado guy
12-08-08, 11:12 AM
Hello. I just have a quick question. I found a 1994 Eldorado ETC with 76,000 miles for around $4,500 on craigslist. While checking carfax, it failed an emissions test at around 72,000 miles, then one 9 miles later, them it passed on the third go around after 50-100 miles. After that, at 76,000 miles, it's on a car lot. I think it's a one owner vehicle too. Can a bad head gasket cause a car to fail an emissions test? I'm just trying to make sure that someone didn't just put some head gasket fix stuff in (if that would even do anything considering the way the n* blows the gaskets). I'm looking at a 1999 GTP coupe to at the moment, which is local, but if it doesn't work out, I'd be interested in this one. Thanks for your help.

12-08-08, 12:54 PM
I have absolutely no idea if an emissions failure/pass within XXX miles would be head gasket related, BUT, the very fact that it DID fail emissions and then curiously pass is a red flag. Caveat emptor.

Eldorado guy
12-08-08, 11:39 PM
Thank you Submariner, you've helped me yet again. Maybe you could help me once more....

I found a 1996 Eldorado (yes, supposedly more likely to get a bad head gasket) with 60,000 original miles in mint condition for $1,700. It's mint cosmetically, but it needs a "speed sensor in the transmission." I really wouldn't like to do that myself, but what does it involve? If I take it to a shop, how much would it cost? Thanks and sorry for all the questions! Sorry it it's in the wrong place too.

12-09-08, 09:36 AM
If it needs a VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) that's a simple fix......bolted to the upper side of the transmission output shaft right in front of where the passenger's feet would line up.......

If it needs a TSS (Transmission Speed Sensor) that's a $50 part buried $2,000 deep in the transmission guts. You might be able to get into the trans with the car up on a hoist, the cradle dropped down on the driver's end, and work on an angle. Still, nowhere close to casual work....intense.