: Quick question: about to order from Rockauto

12-07-08, 11:15 PM
I recently hit 100k on the '02 STS and it's time to change my plugs...I've read through several posts on the site and have heard a few different things, so I wanted to double check before purchasing. The one thing not in dispute is that I should get the ACDelco Platinums, 41-987 correct? Now what about the wires/boots - rockauto has an ACDelco 16004 boot kit, is this all I will need with the wires as well? Does anyone have a detailed description of how to change out these plugs?

I have a buddy who used to be a mechanic and he plans to help me with these next week, so hopefully everything will go smooth.

I've also had my ABS and traction control light come on every time after about 10 minutes of driving, the codes pulled are C1221 and C1225. I replaced the front left wheel bearing a few months ago and I know I reconnected everything. The main problem is there's snow here now and when these lights are on, I'm not able to use ABS or the traction!! Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks for your help,


12-07-08, 11:25 PM
Did you use a quality replacement on the hub?

Basically you just remove the ignition cassette. The boots are under it. The rear will be a little more trouble as you have some plumbing to remove to get at it.

Yes, those are the correct plugs.

12-08-08, 08:53 AM
Plug boots, not wires.....the 41-950 gaps are preset at .050".....torque to 13 ft/lb COLD and don't use anti-seize. You might find a bit of brown or oil residue on the plug insulator(s). Not to worry....normal, as plug wells are sealed by O-rings in the cam covers. Remove the front radiator plastic sight shield....the one that runs all the way across.....make sure you clip the upper hose back into the channel in the sight shield.....The rear A.I.R. valve needs to be moved out of the way......there's a metal flex pipe attached to the rear exhaust manifold by a 2-bolt flange. Unplug the coil cassette ICM connectors, remove the bolts, and lift straight up. Make sure the ground springs have good tension and are clean. A piece of 5/8" rubber hose makes it easier to lift the plugs out of the wells.

Take a look at www.rockauto.com, get to your car, ignition, coils, and click on the small pictures next to each example for a larger view in order to see what you're removing/replacing.