View Full Version : Lebanon Valley here i come 6/20

06-16-03, 09:08 AM
Well, the day is almost here before i go to test out my caddy on the 1/4 mile!!! :burn: I'm the only caddy thats going to be there, so it WILL be interesting. Some of the guys looked at the "attendance list" and kinda laughed at the Cadillac thats going to race, :mad: but the sponser just told them they will be pleasently surprised on the numbers this car will get. :lightbulb We'll see what happens, and i will keep you all updated.

06-16-03, 09:27 PM
Heck yeah! Good luck, get some great numbers.

I'm really itching to see how well you do, and how much you piss off the kiddies.

Night Wolf
06-16-03, 10:44 PM
Hey, if you can also go the 23rd of Aug; the Grand Am site is having a huge club meet over the weekend and Saturday will be out LVD day, about $20 and get as many runs as you can in... I am gonna be there with the Caddy to get a few runs in :D

06-23-03, 07:33 AM
Well, unfortunatly, the race day got washed out, looks as if the next time will be July 24th or so. So once again, I'll keep you'll posted!