View Full Version : Front caliper banging on mount

12-06-08, 06:40 PM
I have a 2000. In Nov,'05 local reliable garage rehabbed front brakes...new calipers and rotors fm Napa. First set of rotors were crap, so we sent those back and I upgraded to the premium ones. About 6 mos ago front drivers area started to rattle going over bumps. I looked a few time under there but could never find anything out of place. Today I took it to a brake shop. The caliper is not sitting tight between the caliper mounts. It can rock back and forth. The result of this banging is the top of the caliper and the adjacent surface on the mount has hammered down some. I could probably slip a dime or penny between the mount and the caliper on the top. One of the dudes stated that on some years GM made a shim which filled that gap, but it appeared that the '00 models did not have it. Their solution was install a new caliper. I opted out of that suggestion, stating that the same problem could happen if the new caliper did not fit tighter in the mount.

Anyone know anything about these so called caliper mount shims?