View Full Version : Heater actuator/air mix door location on 2001 Catera

Mr Jaz
12-06-08, 03:58 PM
Hi there,

I just subscribed to this forum after trying to find some more information about an issue with my heater. The actuator is going bad according to the shop but they were able to manually change it over to heat. The drivers side was only blowing cold air for a while and I decided to have it checked. So they manually adjusted the door and its been good for a week. Last night however, it returned to its original state... cold air and its was about 20 F out there.

So for the last few hours I've been browsing the interwebs in order to find out about the where abouts of this illusive air mix door.

All help will be rewarded by my eternal gratitude.

Thank you!

ps. I have been browsing the forum but wasnt able to find a thread describing its location, only threads referring to other threads I cant seem to find.

12-06-08, 07:13 PM
I had the same thing happen, except one summer the passenger side heat was out and in the winter i just closed that vent and summer past again so no need for heat and just a couple weeks into the 40degree cold ALL heat goes out to ICE COLD air. You need to grab a flash light, and remove a small piece of trim in the bottom side passenger foot well on the left near the center console. There is a black cover in the shape of a tear drop.

Then remove the cover with a little force and you will see the siver motor. It's held on by two trox screws. Either it's stuck, or it's not getting power. For me i just disconnected the actuator from the base, moved the arm for the air vent down, which produced SIZZLING HOT AIR, and then proceeded to place the actuator back in place. Did that for the driver's side too, however, i noticed after finding that my remote start module was not grounded i proceeded to fix that issue and when that was over, i could hear the actuators moving back to normal position.

I previously did not hear ANY of my actuators move, thus giving me no heat. After the coincidence of fixing a ground issue, disconnecting my battery for 20 mins and fixing the lower actuators, i received heat from my dash vents. I pressed the button for front, mix and lower heat and it works great. DO NOT USE DEFROST!!! MAKE SURE you clean your windshield inside and out, and use microfibre on when you clean. This will ensure that no moisture or grime will stick on the inside reducing your need for defrost. I hit that button after it was fixed and had no heat on the passengers side. Square one, however i repeated the first step and now everything is sound.

So, step one: Find your actuators, remove cover, remove actuator from base, place black adjustment arm ALL the way down for max heat, hold arm in place and replace actuator in place. Repeat for Driver's side if problem is there too.
Step two: Disconnect battery for 20 mins. Reconnect Battery. Turn car on and set heat to 90. Make sure that dash, mix, and floor vents work. NEXT, make sure your windshield is clean on the inside using a microfiber cloth. DO NOT use the defrost button. Just turn your heat on if window is fogging.

That should do it!! I post this because i JUST went through the same issue and had VERY little to go on but the actuators and there location. Hope this guide will help you out. And when summer gets here...wind your windows down!! :yup: