View Full Version : desperately need help 98 deville

12-06-08, 06:58 AM
I have a 98 deville with the cmopletely base factory audio system - the headunit has the tape deck only, with the 4 crappy speakers. someone around here told me that its a preamp deck.

I hooked up new door speakers and new 6x9s in the back. I am also TRYING to hook up my subs (two kicker L7s) which I know work.

The amp is hooked up and its getting power. I have an RCA converter in the back -- basically it takes thes ignal from the speaker wires from one of my 6x9s (the right hand 6x9) and converts it to RCa. The rca lne goes to my amp, then the amp is hooked to the subs.

But the problem.....

It doesn't work. Period. The subwoofers aren't woofing.

Any suggetssions? My only guess is that something went wrong with this whole "RCA splitter" scene. Do I ned to hook the amp directly up to some other spot, like direclty to the head unit?

(There is no factory amp in this car, since it has the base sytem.) Any help would be greatly appreicated, beacuse basically I have a thousand bucks worth of audio equipment in the trunk right now thats just dead weight.

12-06-08, 10:37 AM
I'd much rather do this (http://www.mp3car.com/vbulletin/show-off-your-project/108302-1998-cadillac-deville-concours-install-complete.html)to a 98 deville than add a bunch of speakers

good luck... maybe SoundAdvantage is still around and can help you out

12-20-08, 01:28 PM
Hahaha, i got it working.
Turns out that the RCA converter I was trying to use was faulty. got a new one, now I have an RCA converter that "piggy backs" off the rear 6x9s to send the signal to my subs.

Works GREAT!