: Can a center console from say an STS be installed into a DeVille?

06-16-03, 06:34 AM
I know that probably sounds ridiculous but I was wondering if it was possible.. Can it be done without spending $50,000.00?

06-16-03, 07:26 AM
Absolutely can. It's not easy but if you have the money and some mechanical ability, it can be done.
Hell, I know a guy that installed a console in a '94 Fleetwood.

06-16-03, 11:04 PM
Concours or DTS console & seats may work better.

06-16-03, 11:08 PM
You would have to tear into the seats, wouldnt you??? Besides, the deville has a flip down console, isnt that enough??? Or do you want one that goes all the way to the dash board??

06-16-03, 11:56 PM
I like the way the DTS console is.. Unfortunately, I can't afford a DTS - and I want a bigger car. I already had an ETC and the STS/DTS are basically the same size inside.. So, I'm looking into a mid 90's DeVille but I'd like the console that comes all the way down and runs into the armrest...

06-17-03, 01:01 PM
Kempie's right. If the car you're looking to put a console in was "available" with a console, then it's DEFINATELY do-able. Hell, in your situation it's a breeze. The only problem is sourcing the parts. Find a junk yard with a Concours and grab the whole interior.
Or you could do the "best" thing and just buy a Concours :rolleyes:

06-18-03, 03:11 PM
Or you could do the "best" thing and just buy a Concours :rolleyes:
....agreed :thumbsup:

06-19-03, 04:44 PM
When I'm ready for a car I ask my buddy in the used car business to fine me a good veh. and give him the specs. Sometimes it takes awhile to find what I'm looking for but if your not in a rush it can be done. Also the price is usually better because he knows it's sold when he buys it and doesnt have to add anything floor plan ect.
Just a thought...works for me.

06-19-03, 06:46 PM
Or you could do the "best" thing and just buy a Concours :rolleyes:

This is definitely the best idea, it will look nicer. I test drove a '99 concours a few years ago, and it was very nice inside. The salesman said they called it the "corporate jet" of Cadillac's. I wouldnt go that far, but if I were to buy a used Caddy it would be very high on my list