: 2009 CTS-V Firmware Has Been Re-flashed

12-05-08, 05:39 PM
In another posted I noted I closed the deal on my V today. And in another post it was mentioned that the V2's computer memory needed to be re-flashed in order to correct a minor issue. Well my dealer told me today that over the past three days 500 V2's have been re-flashed and the cars are now being shipped. Part of the delay issue was the requirement that the computer had to be re-flashed and the cars inspected again. I know in another post it was said that the cars would be re-flashed at the dealership, but I guess GM felt it was best to do the re-flash and verification before the cars were shipped. Dual can you confirm?

Cadillac Tony
12-05-08, 05:47 PM
Here's the update I promised:

There have been 84 CTS-Vs released into the wild. They continue to build on schedule, but the engineers have identified a harmless condition that can occur if several (unlikely) circumstances all combine at once, which would then cause a check engine light and much gnashing of teeth among new V owners. They're rewriting a tiny bit of software to prevent this annoying situation from happening, and then the cars resume shipping. The Dealers are going to be sent instructions on how to reflash the software on the units that are already en route before delivering them to customers.

The only ones that need to be reflashed at the Dealer are the 84 that left before the condition was detected.

12-07-08, 06:31 AM
Tony has the info! Can Recaro's be ordered again or is that option done forever?