: C5 Brake SWAP Log

12-05-08, 02:06 PM
I just got a set of Z06 Calipers and from first impressions they will fit, I will take some more pictures but here are a few I took with my phone....


The C5 caliper is much wider, which is scarry but... thats because of the wider rotors, and also the mouning tapbs are narrower so there is about 1/2" gap that will need to be filled up somehow, and the caliper will have to shift back, and also the pistons will have to come out that much further to touch the pads... and I am affraid when the pads wear out then the caliper pistons might pop out... whcih will cause a disaster, but I will see if there is a way to fix that...




I hear people use them on the F-bodies with no problems and the issues like the GTO calipers but I will try to inform you guys with as much info as I can.

I think we can make these work...

12-06-08, 03:27 PM
Actually they sell conversion kits for those particular brake calipers on a couple of vendors sites. If you want to see the kit i can give you those vendors. Oh and i have a set of GTO calipers sitting in my garage and they look identicle to the front brake calipers on my 02 SS

12-06-08, 03:37 PM
Oh and if you get the Z06 calipers to work, which should just require some conversion brackets and maybe a larger wheel, that just opened the door for other brake calipers such as the C6 base, the Z51 caliper and all the way up to the C6 Z06 calipers, but then you will probably run into the problem of not having a big enough brake rotor seeing as how the Z06 uses a 14" rotor the Z51 uses a 13.5" and the base C6 uses a 13". But just so you know the corvettes all use the same mounting points, so a set of conversion brackets will allow you to use all of these brake rotors. Oh and the C6 and Z51 calipers are much stronger than the C5 Z06 calipers are for what its worth.

Mr Jaz
12-06-08, 03:49 PM
I have a 2000 C5 next to my 2001 Catera... but I havent felt like switching out parts yet

12-07-08, 04:35 PM
Plannin on upgrading the brakes on your C5?

Mr Jaz
12-07-08, 09:33 PM
I just had new break pads put on it... my catera however could use some new ones yet.

01-29-09, 07:53 PM
This is what I have been doing in the last few months... I found a set of Z06 Calipers... and I will be swapping those to my car in a few days... Planning to do new Semi Metalic Pads... DOT5 Brake fluid... and of course the C5 Calipers.

The C5 Calipers have a smaller logo, and the C6 ones have a Corvette logo that goes from one end to the other...
More pictures of the swap are to come soon!...


01-30-09, 01:36 PM
I would use DOT 5.1 fluid if i were you. DOT 5 is not compatible with a DOT 3 system, it will end up ruining all of your seals. DOT 5 is a silicon based fluid meant for non abs system. So i would save yourself a big headache and go with 5.1 FWIW

01-30-09, 01:54 PM
Thanks for the input bud, I was talkin to my dad and he said that I will be just fine with a DOT 4 Fluid as I think the catera came with the DOT3 and DOT 3/4 are compatible...

The DOT 5.1 has to be something new as I have never heard of it... but I will give it a try and I will post some update pictures after the weekend so keep an eye on this post...

A how to will be written as well...

01-30-09, 04:57 PM
No problem. On LS1Tech the guys that have 6 speed cars are always looking for a higher temp brake fluid to use in the clutch hydraulics because of how close the clutch line runs to the headers and where the slave cylinder is. Most people use the ATE super blue brake fluid as it has a pretty good temp rating. There is also this particular brake fluid that castrol makes, its extremely expensive but it has something like a 600 degree wet boiling point.

02-05-09, 05:57 PM
Ok so in short here are the pictures of the install, although they bolt on, I dont consider them safe to use....

There are two issues, the C5 Caliper is about 1/4in wider to accept a thicker rotor, so what happens is the caliper moves back too far in order to grip the pads. WIth that the slider pins slide out 50% out and the Pistons move out as well.

Also the bolt that holds the Brake Hose touches the control arm and during lock to lock turn the control arm could rip the bolts out and you can loose the brakes.
Otherwise the Calipers could be flipped around and that will give some extra clearance but I dont wanna bother with these no more..

The calipers are for sale if someone wants them please PM me...

Otherwise here are pictures of the Install...


02-11-09, 07:28 PM
Hey man, got a question for ya. Is there a difference in the brakes, like rotor size or whether or not the rear rotors are solid or vented between say, a 98 catera and a 2001 sport? Oh and one other thing, have you experimented with putting the rear calipers off of a gto on your cat?

02-12-09, 07:40 AM
Well the 2000 had them as option and 2001 they were standard (REAR VENTED BRAKES)
The caliper on them is different as well... if it looks like my rear calipers then its vented... if however the caliper looks all funky then its not...

And the GTO rear brakes are identical to the catera front ones... single piston sliding calipers... which I dont see bringing any more braking to the mix... the OEM rear brakes are good enouhg, maybe you can get a pair of rear calipers and some vented rotors for better braking on your 98 but the biggest performance gain is in the front, with the dual piston set up...

I have been using them with C5 Pads for over a year now and the braking has been nothing but confident and fun! In heavy braking there is absolutely NO brake fade and I love that, with the old brakes I used to cook them every now and then... and there is nothing like stomping on teh brakes at 70mph and your foot hits the floor..... SCARRY!...

Look on ebay for parts for your catera!...

02-12-09, 11:09 AM
Yeah i have my gto front calipers, i was just curious if you had experimented with it or not. All i hafta do is get new rotors, pads, an engine and a few other parts and it will be road worthy again.