: Want To See Your Bose System Exposed (atleast for an 02) ?

12-04-08, 03:05 PM
If you've read any of my posts, you'll know I've been trying to 'tighten' up the low-end of the Bose System. My goal is to discover the 'Ohm' of the Subwoofer Speaker, so I can insert a Low-Pass filter (they must match).

I've pulled apart the rear panel to expose the Amplifier (entire system) and the actual Accoustimass Sub. So, I just thought folks might care to see where they live.
I've posted a picture of only the rear panel off, the Accoustimass exposed, and pulled out the TINY speaker that is supposed to give us Low-End. Its like 3"x5" and made of paper/foam surround, so not that great.

Anyway, the Speaker is only 1 Ohm. So, probably never find an Ohm matching Low-pass filter that's just an Ohm.
I'm replacing the Door Drivers with Infinity Reference; which have much better bass; so lets hope they'll give enough where I can just turn the bass down and still get some punch without the droan from the back.

If not, then I might try to install an 8" sub using the Amps output. Maybe a better speaker would help... who knows.




12-04-08, 06:13 PM
does my 03 EXT have a sub? If so where the hell is it? and also wheres the amp?

12-04-08, 07:23 PM
does my 03 EXT have a sub? If so where the hell is it? and also wheres the amp?

Yes, two subs (left and right channel). They're located somewhere under the center console near the front of it (at least that's where the sound comes from, though I've never seen them, but I have hooked them up to an aftermarket amp). The amp's underneath the center console storage compartment.