: Delevery In the North East Any Clues.......

12-04-08, 11:36 AM
Just like others waiting and waiting, However I am in need of any information anyone has... I have a 06 XLR-V leased by GMAC (aka dead leasing company sad) Payment due Dec3, with 7 Day grace peroid, I dont want to waste payment of 1288.00 I can do pullahead, But have to take delevery before then, If not I just wasted another payment that I would put down on this one since I have to BUY it, I just had to BUY a 09 Jeep Grand Cherokie SRT8 ( replacement for 05 SRX V8) 500 under invoice ( they are dieing for sales too and NO LEASING with them anymore) If anyone knows more then dealers It would be great ! Sick of hearing they are on the truck/train/boat/airplane etc....... When others have landed and have them now, Like Mike, the first CTS-V owner in the world.... dam him.... lol.
Dan Grawl III