: Coolant Temp Running Warmer than Normal, Help!

12-04-08, 03:16 AM
I have noticed that my coolant temperature is running higher than normal (or at least higher than I think it should be). When driving on the highway, all is well and the Cat stays about 1/2. However, when in town or sitting at idle, it gets up to about 5/8 or so, where you can hear what sounds to be a fan kick on high, then she cools back down to slightly above 1/2. Being that it's winter here and there's not even any A/C on, this seems too hot. The radiator was just replaced and the coolant is brand new, any suggestions here guys? I don't know if this would be a relay or if so, where I might locate it?

12-04-08, 05:03 PM
auxillary water pump (the one mounted on the radiator) recirculates and helps keep the cool when idling. But what you are noticing is not that abnormal. 1/2 gauge is normal; a rise to 9/16 of the gauge is approx where the aux pump and first stage fans kick in (half-speed); rise to 5/8 is where the full-speed fans kick in. The temp should start going down when the fans come in at half-speed in cool weather since this also kicks in the aux water pump.
You may also want to check debris that accumulates around the fans in front of the condensor. They are a real (female dog) to get to. Airflow may be restricted.
FYI the Cat cools better with the AC on because it also pulls in the fans at the same time regardless of temp.
I have some detail posts on here about the cooling system including a description of the fan operation and the function of the water pump(s) two electric and one mechanical.

03-10-09, 12:19 AM
My 97 just started having similar symptoms, but I'm also getting the low coolant light, but the resevoir is full, since then sensor is in the overflow tank it must just be malfunctioning right?

03-10-09, 07:33 PM