: Escalade Saved Cadillac

12-02-08, 05:54 PM
Just thought I'd post this since I thought it was interesting.

I read an article over the weekend about the new direction Cadillac is going in order to stay afloat when people aren't buying new cars and aren't buying American due to the (perceived in my opinion) lack of quality. The article stated that Cadillac is putting a lot of stock in the CTS models. They're looking at a two-door CTS coupe, CTS station wagon to sell in Europe and two other CTS variations some of which have the -V option while others don't. Caddie is going this way mainly because people aren't buying SUVs like they used to. The article went on further to talk about how the Escalade basically revived Cadillac the first couple years they were produced since the brand was fading at that time. Young people in the early 2000s wouldn't drive/buy Cadillac due to the cost or the perception that only old people in Florida buy Cadillacs, but the Escalade changed all that since almost all rockstars, pro athletes, etc. started driving them. The article gave the numbers on how many of each model Cadillac has sold and I don't remember exactly what they were, but the Escalade has blown away DTS and STS in number of units sold. Also I was surprised that almost no XLRs sold...I think the data was from Jan-Oct 2008 and I *think* the number of XLRs sold in the US during that time was below 1000 which seems ridiculously low.

I had never considered the Escalade having that big of an effect on Cadillac's overall image, but it seemed to make sense when I read that article. It'll be interesting to see what happens in the future now that they have shifted the focus from 'Lades to CTSs.

12-03-08, 10:41 AM

I think the miss-guided ones are blaming the SUV's for all the problems.

Automakers are not doing well because of they push SUVs on us.
Global warming is caused by SUVs
Fuel prices were high because of the SUVs
Housing problems are caused by SUVs
Banks are not lending because of SUVs
Automotive accidents are mostly caused by SUVs

If we could all get in into tiny cars then everything would be ok.

Lord Cadillac
12-03-08, 11:37 AM
Since old people don't drive full-size SUVs, the Escalade helped change Cadillac's image to a more youthful one. Now that these vehicles aren't going to sell like they used to, they're going to have to rely on stylish designs (like the CTS) to keep moving in the right direction. I think the new SRX will help as well..