View Full Version : codes 073 and 1644

12-02-08, 04:27 PM
I recently finished my head gasket repair. Since my re-install of motor, i have an abs light that wont go out. occasionally and now permantely my traction control light is on as well. codes 073 and 1644 are constant and come back immediatley after clearing. ive bled all four wheels again and clean the ground to the abs/tcs control unit. any ideas where to go from there? i did do a search of several catagories here but none were specific to my cause.. also be advised that the abs appears to be working properly as i can lock up breaks on gravel drive and can hear the abs working preventing lockup.. Im hearing i may need an obII scanner to be more specific of the problem.. one more thing. when i do a diagnostic on dash, and i get to tcs prompt, i can switch to tcs data and input. what should i look for here in comparison to whats correct to see. all 4 speed sensors show same speed when traveling so i dont believe its them. Thanks in advance

12-04-08, 05:34 PM
I posted a few days ago with no response. Since putting motor back in after head gasket repair, my antilock break light and traction control light will not go out. im getting codes 073 consistently, even after reset and occasionally code 1644. I have cleaned all connections, ran a new ground to abs pump, checked as much wiring as possible to no avail. ABS however works when breaks are applies on slippery surfaces but the second gear starts are annoying. i need to fix this so i an go to inspection without failing. any advise is appreciated.