: truck steering is sloppy

12-02-08, 12:59 PM
While driving, it seems like more work to keep it in the lane than it should be. The truck wanders all over, and the faster I go, the harder it is to keep it straight. The truck rides very nice, I just wanted to know if this is the nature of the beast, or if I need to get something checked out. Oh yea, When I floor it from a stop (only tried it a couple of times) it is very difficult to keep straight. It goes from side to side like an out of control funny car.

12-03-08, 01:24 PM
Inermediate steering shaft recall maybe

12-26-08, 11:02 PM
Did you get this figured out ?

01-06-09, 02:23 PM
same thing happens with mine, it drives me nuts, I am always afraid I will get pulled over because it probably looks like I am a drunk driver

01-06-09, 08:58 PM
You folks have stock rims and tires?

01-06-09, 09:17 PM
Bad tires is my guess.

01-07-09, 08:42 AM
i have 22's

01-07-09, 06:41 PM
i have 22's

:hmm: and?

01-07-09, 06:56 PM
:hmm: and?

I think he was replying to post #5

01-07-09, 07:12 PM
:hmm: and?
He was replying to my question I am wondering if this is more prevalent with after market wheels...

01-07-09, 07:35 PM
I have stock rims and tires, and they are in good shape. I havent figured it out, but it doesnt bother me as much as it did when I first got it. I went from a jag xkr to this, so I was quite used to a tight front end. Maybe it is just the nature of the beast.

01-07-09, 09:27 PM

I also seem to have play in the steering on mine. As comparison my other SUV is an Expedition 4X4 with 100k, the front-end on that is tight. It must be the way these Cadi's are, I guess.

I did look under the front-end and checked the steering, arm, ball-joints. Found that they had some play. Not sure what is normal from an ESV with 65k. You may want to take a look at yours and see if they have any play in them.

o btw stock rims and tires on mine also.

my 02

01-08-09, 05:03 PM
Hmmmm perhaps someone who has recently installed new Ball joints and tire rod ends can comment on the change in handling....

10-14-11, 10:10 PM
my 2003 goes everywhere also.. pulls one way for awhile then the other.. had it aligned twice same problem.. just noticed one tire is wearing really bad on inside for about the first two inches. i have 22's on mine and i have heard this is causing it but i dont know if i believe that.. .i have also heard that something is wrong with awd? did u guys figure anything out? i spent 500 bucks on "warn" front end parts that the dealership wanted over a grand to fix. same problem .....

10-17-11, 12:29 AM
Guys this is not a normal issue. It shouldn't be all over the place when you are driving at highway speeds

10-17-11, 09:34 AM
Mine is an 06 with 105,000 miles....only a very slight amount of play, as expected with those miles. But nothing like you guys are saying. Tires are wearing smooth across, no cupping, etc. I have the original 17" wheels, but some folks with the 20's and 22's tend to have similar issues. One guy thinks the issues are his cheap tires. He had michelins before and no problems....best I can offer.

10-17-11, 05:38 PM
look at the pitman and idler arm. they wear out before the ball joints do. pretty common problem with the older escalades.

10-19-11, 03:10 PM
Yes for sure sounds like pitman and idler has happened to me on my 04 Denali and 05 Escalade replaced them and inner and outer tie rods then got an alignment now rides like a dream.

10-21-11, 03:26 PM
I had all front end parts replaced and it still wonders where ever it want to ....
Then I found one of the Rear tires was losing air all the time and was at least 10 lbs
under what the others were set to had the rim and tire re glued and it is much better now