: O2 Sensor Location (Error P0141)

12-01-08, 09:58 PM
Can anyone tell me where to located the Error 02 sensor heater circuit (Bank 1 sensor 2)? I have the P0141 error and it is telling me that that is the bad 02 sensor. Just wondering how difficult of a job it is and where I can find it. Thanks!

12-02-08, 06:39 AM
Bank 1 sensor two is behind the left bank catalyst. Follow the exhaust pipe and be careful because for one thing they get hot, for another they sometimes criss-cross the exhaust pipes where they run through the cats.
Sensor two is a catalyst monitoring sensor, sensor one is for fuel mixture control and is between the exhaust manifold and the converter.

To replace the sensor is usually pretty easy. I usually use a 7/8" open end wrench if it is accessible.
Just unplug it, unscrew it, and replace it.
Don't over-tighten it when you put the new one in.

12-02-08, 07:57 AM
Thanks, I greatly appreciate your answer!