: Imitation convertible top repair/cleaning?

06-24-04, 04:12 PM
After 8000 miles in a week and a half, my canvas top is in need of some repair. I cleaned it today with laundry soap and it came out very clean, but the final part to dry has a very slightly visible line. Probably will come out with another cleaning. What is a good way to repair or at least keep these tops from becoming any more unravelled (sp?). It looks like someone before me put it through an automatic car wash and there are a few parts that are a little ragged. It looks great, unless you're looking for these spots, but I'd like to seal them up or find a way to keep them from getting worse. Any ideas? Or to replace it and maybe change the color, but without talking to the body shop at the dealer, I'm expecting that to be wayyy to costly. K, done washing and waxing and cleaning the leather, time to pull the wheels, scrub them and rotate. Thanks a bunch!

06-25-04, 09:09 AM
You might want to try this product, I've heard many talk about this line of products from RaggTop. I have enclosed a link, but you can find it on the better auto products/detail sites. It appears to be a two step process cleaner/sealer. Good luck. Let us know how well it works if you try it.