: 02 Speakers Location ( I count 9 )

11-30-08, 04:26 PM
OK, so nobody answers me in the original thread; However, there seems to be folks with a clue about these Stereos.
I've been an audiophile most my life and and looking to swap out a few things; especially the booming, crappy subwoofer (Subs should hit and leave, not linger).

Fact: Bose is crap (paper cones in the 21st Century... hah).

Fact: I count only 9 speakers in my vehicle
1 midrange both front doors .. (2)
1 tweeter each front pillar ... (2)
1 midrange both rear doors .. (2)
1 tweeter each far-rear pillar (2)
1 subwoofer in the rear panel (1)

Total: ................................ 9

Where's the other 2 as they claim 11 !

Also, can anybody assist me in removing the rear panel where the Subwoofer Enclosure is ? Its not just a speaker, but an entire Acoustimass enclosure I need to remove OR pull apart and replace its woofer.

Thanks in advance !

12-01-08, 10:45 AM
I only counted 9 as well.

Let me know how the removal of the subwoofer goes, I'm planning on doing it in the future

12-01-08, 11:44 AM
The other 2 are your center channel speakers which are located on either side of the lower center console(below your cupholders/ashtray)

12-01-08, 01:55 PM
Remove the bezel covering the clock and the cd changer, then get the one with the cup holders. There are 2 speakers behind there, one on each side.

12-01-08, 10:40 PM
Interesting. WTH they put speakers down there for !
Thanks for letting me know. I knew someone would give me an answer !

Once I figure out how to correctly remove that rear panel, I'll let you know what I did. It could just be to lower the HZ that goes to the accoustimass unit. Its WAY too high and has this moan that runs thoughout the entire song. A subwoofer should be no higher than 50 (even that's high), but I fear the 6 1/2 won't go down that low, there'd be a gap. I have a CD that plays tones to tune stereos, so I'll probably have to replace the 6 1/2's as well.
I hope to get this corrected this week.

12-02-08, 06:01 PM
Actually, thought I'd try something smarter. In listening closer to the Accoustimass Subwoofer, the 'punch' isn't too bad... its just crossover is set too high. Unfortunately, its signal comes from the Amp already set. I'd not be surprised if its over 100 HZ !
A low-pass filter is basically just a 'Henry Coil' which ensure nothing gets thru at a set high frequency (high-pass filters use capacitors in the same way to keep lows out).
I just need to discover the value of the coil I require to keep anything higher than 60-80HZ from getting to that Unit.
Then, I'm going to replace the front door's with some Infinity Reference (too give a little more low-end and presence in the midrange).

Its actually easier than it sounds !

I only counted 9 as well.

Let me know how the removal of the subwoofer goes, I'm planning on doing it in the future