: Milwaukee-area Cadillac Dealer Review

11-30-08, 01:37 PM
There are basically two main Cadillac dealers in the Milwaukee-area. John Amato Cadillac, and Crest Cadillac. I've experienced both and feel the need to let others know my experiences with both of them.

John Amato has the friendliest people working on both shifts whether you're there for an $1,100 body work job or purchasing a $5 radiator cap. Does not matter which department they are from, service, parts, sales people, they all go out of their way for every customer. Also, their parts dept. people ALWAYS go above and beyond to get me the info I need (recalls on my cars, what years the part I need was put on, etc.), and they never give a second guess on whether or not 'should I do this extensive research that will take 15 mins, and he might not even purchase this from us' attitude.

Crest Cadillac, the few times I have went there, the sales people tend to question why you are there (if it does not seem you have the money to purchase a new car right then and there), and the same even goes with the parts dept. people. No extra mile, no friendly service, etc. Just the bare minimum, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Even kind of an attitude from the parts people.

Without going into further details of each trip to these dealers, when I have a choice between the two, I always choose John Amato for those reasons.

Hopefully, this helps someone in the Milwaukee-area that needs to choose between the two main area dealers (there is also one on Highway 20 in Mt. Pleasant/ Racine, but never went there).

01-30-09, 09:54 PM
Anyone ever try Metropolitan Cadillac?

I've used EVS in Saukville and am not particularly impressed. The do provide a free loaner (Pontiac Vibe) for warranty work (so far). I've had to be insistent at times and they're not fast.