: Lowered questions

11-30-08, 12:24 PM
Got a question. Got my 02 lade lowered already with what I think is the McCaughys 2/3 or 3/4. I had 22 lexani's wheels on it but the previous owner had curbed them many of times. They since had a lot of chrome flaking. So I decieded to buy new rims and had the same tires moved to the new rims. I found that there is a lot of rubbing now from the rear which makes me nervous.

I looked around the wheel wells and did some trimming but still have rubbing when making turns going on a incline or decline. I started thinking about spacers but the smallest I have seen are 1.5" which I would think they would stick out too far. The tires which did not rub before swapping the rims were 305/45/22 the new rims are 6x139.7.

Just wanted to get your suggestions on this issue.

I also noticed that the top fitting to the shocks are not connected (either side). I was assuming they disconnected these when the drop was put on. Is it suppose to be connected? I was guessing that this was part of the self leveling kit.

12-01-08, 01:06 PM
Perhaps the new rims have a different offset. I would also assume that perhaps when "they" lowered it, they did not know how to keep the pump from kicking on by bending or shortening the sensor so they disconnected them?? Just a theory. If you have AWD I believe the kit is a 2/3 or 2/4. Clearance should not be an issue. I would say that the offset of the new rims is the culprit of the new rubbing issue. However, I would think that you would want to reconnect the air for the ride and stability. Just my opinion though.