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11-29-08, 12:24 PM
Today is my last day at Southview Chevrolet...and I got a pretty sweet "going away present"....I got to write up a PDI (pre-delivery inspection) ticket on a 2009 Z06 about an hour before my shift is over. It's pretty rare that we get a PDI on a Saturday, much less a Z06, so I was pretty stoked.

It is that velocity yellow tintcoat, with the black leather interior, DVD navigation system, the 3LZ premium package, and the leather covered dashboard and door panels, with carbon fiber trim in the center console.

I'll have pics up in a little bit...I've gotta upload 'em at home.

11-29-08, 01:23 PM
They should have offered it as severance!

11-29-08, 02:09 PM
They should have offered it as severance!:werd:

The Tony Show
11-29-08, 02:44 PM
So did you slightly reduce the life expectancy of those Goodyears before leaving? :eyebrow:

11-29-08, 03:20 PM
So did you slightly reduce the life expectancy of those Goodyears before leaving? :eyebrow:

Clutch? Yes. Tires? No.




This was the last car I ever wrote up at Southview. Nothing came in after this.

11-29-08, 03:53 PM

11-29-08, 04:46 PM
Chad, did you quit or get laid(sp?) off? Where are you gonna work now?

11-29-08, 04:59 PM
Laid off...not too sure yet.

Boy, those Challengers are BIG cars. Here's my Boss's demo parked next to my S Class. If you've seen my car in real life, you know how big they are, especially tall. I took this picture today too.


ted tcb
11-29-08, 09:29 PM
Chad, I thought you worked for a Chevrolet store.
Is the boss driving Mopar?

Maybe he thought you didn't need the money, when you parked the S-Class beside his two door 300 wannabe.

11-29-08, 11:08 PM
I love the Z06 in arrest me yellow. :drool2:

11-30-08, 01:37 AM
My uncle just got a new Challenger SRT8 from his wife for his birthday. He also happens to own an original Challenger from the early 70's. The old one looks way better IMO. The new one is too large (mostly too tall) and the wheels are definitely too big.

11-30-08, 08:58 AM
I love the C6 Z06.

My Father only had his 2007 Z06 for 3 months/800 miles. He thought it could be a daily driver and found out he wasn't 30 anymore. He sold it for a SL55 AMG....

but WOW was that car gorgeous and insane:


I made sure I had fun with it before he sold it. I can't imagine how insane the ZR1 is!

11-30-08, 07:48 PM
Chad, I thought you worked for a Chevrolet store.
Is the boss driving Mopar?

Yeah, I worked for a Chev store, but a lot of the managers, especially the ones on the corporate level, have Challengers as demos. This one is an SE with that 3.5L V6...my boss said it's a dog...can barely get out of it's own way.

11-30-08, 10:15 PM
That sweet car in your mits and your didn't even pull a Ferris Bueller?!?

11-30-08, 10:19 PM
Sorry to hear about your lay off Chad. You will always remember the last car you did, thats for sure. I was a little put off by the Challenger when I saw one up close. It looks higher and narrower than the original. It almost looks like someone turned a 300 into a Challenger. Oh wait.................they did. :helpless: I still like it!. Cant wait for the vert and then the massive depreciation that Chrysler products suffer. ;)

12-01-08, 08:28 PM
I can't imagine how insane the ZR1 is!

The 09 ZR1 is crazy-insanely fast, it's designed to be an all out race car straight from the factory. If interested, read on, a short story.

I helped with the service information development for the ZR1 6.2L LS9. Our group (engine controls) had a ZR1 test mule for over a month. During the course of our development I had chance to drive it. The test mule had a special cal which basically limits the engine power for safety reasons which makes sense considering 625+HP. The car was still crazy fast regardless of the cal, tire spin and sideway action with very little gas pedal movement. All was well until the last week on the test track, one of my co workers and myself were stopped on a stop pad collecting data, then wham this SUV backs up over us and didn't stop until he was half way up the hood. I saw the whole thing in slow motion, laid on the horn, but to no avail. The vette handled the crash very well, nobody was hurt, just some damage to the header panel, hood, headlamps, and many scratches half way up the hood and fenders.
Needless to say. this was not a good day for me at the proving ground. My heart was pumped extremely fast for the next hour or so.

Laid off...not too sure yet.

Chad, I wish you the best in your search for your next career adventure!