: exhaust questions

06-24-04, 09:02 AM
I had a couple of questions about exhaust systems and how they would fit on my N*. It seems that the exhaust on my Caddy is starting to rust out and I may need a new one in the next year or so.

Do I need to get a certain shape, size, or type of muffler? or can I just get anything that will fit in the same space with the same pipe. and the pipe I guess isn't much of a problem as I can get a reducer to make it fit. I wouldn't put a muffler on that has a smaller pipe then what I have...but if I find a nice one with a little bigger one it would work.

Also, there is nothing I can do to the exhaust from the cat back that would help preformance on my N* is there? Anything that I would put back there would be for looks or sound?

Thanks for the help