: No Fuel or Spark

11-27-08, 01:32 AM
I have a 1997 Catera. this is my first caddy. I only paid 175 bucks for it because the guy was going to junk it. here ismy issue.

I searched and found that there is a problem with the CPS, so i changed it, thinking that the guy was an idiot and i got a good deal. but to no avail it is still dead.

Some more backround here... the guy had replaced the steering column. so there is 2 Passkey sensors here. i tired both, between tries i pulled the neg batt cable. but the problem now is i don't know if the keys that i have were the ones that came with the car, or the ones that were with the new column.
Is the Passkey Sensor/keys vehicle specific? I need to find a way around it if possible, as i dont want to dump a ton of cash in this car. it is going to be my Fiance's winter car (She has a 1990 Foxbody Mustang Coupe) so i can do the 5.0 conversion this winter.

If i cant make any progress, i am pulling the drive train, and swapping a Fuel injected 5.0 Ford.

Some more basic questions...
1.) Where is the ECM? Is it the box labeled Motec near the battery?
2.) Where is the fuel pump relay?

Thanks for your time in helping me. If i make no progress in this, i am going to cut it up and make a toy. please help me NOT let that happen

Charlie Ridinger

11-27-08, 06:34 PM
anyone? The search function has yielded VERY limited results..... Someone has to have experenced this same symptom.....

11-29-08, 11:42 PM
you know what guys thanks! you have been a big help. here's a big ****you to all of you! it is going to go to the dealer monday. Kiss my ass.

11-30-08, 06:39 AM
i am only familiar with the opel/omega version of this car but anyway here goes,the ecm is next to the battery under a plastic cover,the fuel pump relay is right next to it coloured purple.incidentally i would rather not kiss your ass as i am not that way inclined,however if you have a sister i might be more suitably disposed:)

11-30-08, 10:43 AM
Is the security light flashing?

It probably needs to have the keys relearned after replacing the column like that anyways. The dealer is I believe the only place that can do it unless you have a Tech II. Sorry no one could help you immediately.

11-30-08, 05:51 PM
sorry for the rant....

But yea, going to go to the dealer.

I am pretty high strung. but thanks for the reply's

12-02-08, 10:27 PM
went to the dealer. got the keys relearned. cost me 0, nothing, zero, zip, nada. now i just have to finish putting the interior back together. and get the exaust fixed (the cats were cut from it). thing doesnt run to bad....

12-05-08, 01:52 PM
went to the dealer. got the keys relearned. cost me 0, nothing, zero, zip, nada. now i just have to finish putting the interior back together. and get the exaust fixed (the cats were cut from it). thing doesnt run to bad....

Good to hear :cool2:

12-05-08, 04:06 PM
I wouldn't have known that one and would not have been here to respond on the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. There might have been a few other regulars who knew the answer who would have been with their families or out shopping that weekend instead of reading message boards.

Out of those regulars that actually logged in and had the answer, maybe a few have the coolness to provide it after being told to **** off and smooch butt. Guess that's why Vesicant is a moderator - good answers and a cool head (i'm not that cool-headed, I would have ignored the thread after the third post).

With that said, you ain't the first one driven to cussin' after working on these Cats so at least I understand. No grudges. I'm sure you will have a few other bugs to work out, but $175 for a Cat that now starts and runs is a pretty good deal. Just don't cuss us, we already have a Cat to cuss (you will have to learn some German cuss words however, the Cat ignores English and even my Japanese cuss words don't work).

Patience, grasshopper.....it will be OK.

12-05-08, 05:32 PM
Again i apologize. I am used to things just working. When it comes to Foxbody Mustangs or Computers or whatever I make them work. this car is about to kill me. I have a new oroblem, but i think i have it narrowed down. the EBTCM(?) i think is faulty. the car would stall like it was being limited by the traction control. then it would fail to start. i pulled the fuses at the junction box at the battery with the key on, and the TC light and the ! below and to the left came on. started the car, idled normally. then i put it in gear, and drove it like normal. What upset me the most is i drove the thing all day yesterday with nary a problem.

i am going to take this car as my next challenge. I will make it work.
I thank you all for not writing me off. I hope to have alot to offer this forum.

Charlie Ridinger