: Howdy!!

06-24-04, 01:44 AM
Although my family has always had Cadillacs, I have jumped from Taurus SHO, Mustangs, Trans Ams, Chevy Z-71, and a Tahoe Limited (which I would always make the statement that it ws the Cadillac of SUVs). I have now found heaven in owning a BEAUTIFUL 92 Eldorado Patriot Edition!! I love this car, I better I just spent $660 on new tirerods, alignment, and all new engine mounts. The next thing I need to do is get the interior redone. She has tan perforated leather seats, but the previous owner did not tint the windows - in Texas you have to have tint - so the leather is brittle, tearing in the back, and my poor dog jumped in and tore the seat up. I got a quote for the whole interior to be redone with the same leather for a little over $750 - does anyone have any other suggestions?

I look forward to learning a lot from this site about my girl!!!

Have a great day!!!!

06-24-04, 01:51 AM
:welcome: Lots of good, helpful people here. Keep us updated on your progress.

06-24-04, 08:35 AM

Sounds like you have a sweet Eldo. I'm not familiar with the patriot edition some more details and a pic please. Good luck. Thanks for joining the forum!

06-24-04, 06:19 PM
Hey :welcome:

$750 to redo all your seats in the same leather does not sound like a bad price to me.

06-25-04, 10:37 AM
That's a damn good price on the leather so long as it's real and not the faux stuff some places try to pass off as real. I was going to have the lower portion of my 90 Eldo's front seats done since it ripped up and every place I took it to quoted me $500 for just the lower front non pleated portions so that sounds damn good.

Also, I'm not familiar with the Patriot edition, please post some pics.

06-29-04, 10:12 PM
Thank you, thank you!! I guess I will have to save up and redo it. It is the perforated leather that the vehicle came with originally. They suggested vinyl, but that just seems sacrilegious.

I will post pictures as soon as I get some pretty days - too much rain in Dallas