View Full Version : Dang....Steering Wheel squeak is BACK!

11-26-08, 11:44 PM
Well, several of you graciously mentioned for me to use super lube...and I thought the squeak.creak was gone...but it's back.

It is when i turn the wheel left or right and it's a creaking sound like an old door. I even had a client in the car today that mentioned it...how embarassing.

I leaned below the steering wheel and have found that it is coming from the column just behind the steering wheel. The folks at Auto Zone just figured that it was the o-ring or gasket around the steering wheel on the column that is getting cold, retracting and creaking.

I have poked the lube spray in every place i can and it hasnt done anything. Tried thru the hazard switch, sides of the horn, from below at the tilt switch, etc.

Drives me crazy...do you think they'll end up having to remove the steering wheel to repair? What a fiasco...thanks for your ideas and input!

Happy Tgiving!

11-29-08, 11:21 AM
Did U spray any down at the rubber boot at firewall-bulkhead? I had this same squeak tht seemed to come from right behind wheel but when i Sprayed down at firewall at rubber boot noise completely went away and has been away for months! Just a suggestion and mybe give a shot if U havent already!

12-04-08, 07:13 PM
ive got the squeak too...only when its cold. im going to lube the hell out of everything, i hate that noise